How to Have Fun with Your Babysitter?

Answer If you get bored when you're being babysat, here are some tips on how to have fun!

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What should you do if your ex-wife has left your two 7 year old girls with a 11 year old boy as their babysitter?

I would call the police and the state child welfare agency.AnswerSpeak to your ex-wife directly and figure out the reason behind this decision. Is the 11-year old mature, responsible? Find out whay... Read More »

How to Communicate With a Babysitter?

How to communicate with someone old enough to babysit your kids but young enough so it seems everything out of their mouth is in an alien language.

How to Discreetly Wear Diapers for Bedwetting (for Your Babysitter)?

Being older and having to wear diapers can be uncomfortable. Especially if you have to have some type of caretaker. Read this article to learn what to do.

How to Ask Your Daughter to Stop Using You As a Babysitter All the Time?

When you're a parent and have a grown child who has children, it is to be expected that you will be asked to babysit. This is because, a mother and a father are usually the most trusted person for ... Read More »