How to Have Fun with Other Kids?

Answer Among any circle, fun and kids go hand in hand. It is a fact that kids like to have fun, but having fun with each other is sometimes questionable. Issues can arise between kids that turns the fun t... Read More »

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If you have problems with other kids picking on you or physically hurting you what can you do?

you could tell an adult about this and tell your parents to talk to there parents andhave hem say sorryI'm not sure of the context here... is this online bullying? or at school? if it's online go t... Read More »

How old do you have to be to watch other kids?

It varies. Some countries have legislation for this and others do not. You would need to say which country you mean.

How to Deal With Other People's Kids in Public?

Sometimes other people's kids are just plan annoying.Whether you are at the grocery store or you are at the airport, you will probably find a screaming child. They can be extremely annoying. How yo... Read More »

If i marry a widow with two kids do the kids going to have rights on my property?

Your wife (the widow) will have rights to your property. Her children are not your heirs. But she is allowed to give them anything given to her.Make and iron clad will, with an excellent attorney, ... Read More »