How to Have Fun on a Snow Day (Pre Teens)?

Answer If you live in cold cities and get lots of snow days you may think it's fun at first to have plenty of days off, but you could be wrong because remember, you're stuck at home. Here are some tips to... Read More »

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How to Overcome Boredom on a Snow Day (Children and Teens)?

The scenario: It's snowing, you're off school and at first you're really happy, but then as the day goes on you become increasingly bored.

Would heating roads with snow on them save money on gas for the snow plows?

It would work best in a city that heats skyscrapers using steam produced from a near by power facility. Putting those pipes closer to the surface to heats the roads is a great idea. However, to ... Read More »

How to Remove Snow from Your Driveway Using a Personal Snow Plow?

Snow removal can be time consuming and extremely difficult if you have a large parking area or a long driveway to clear off. Personal snow plows have made the task simpler by taking the work from y... Read More »

How to Build a Snow Fort With Fluffy Snow?

You want to build a snow fort, but don't have the packed snow: you think goodbye snow fort! But before you think that, read this article!