How to Have Fun on Sabbath?

Answer Sabbath is a day of rest and relaxation, and a day to spend time with God. But for some of us, after church is over and it seems like there is nothing else to do, then the rest of your day may be f... Read More »

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Sabbath in the New Testament?

The fourth of the Ten Commandments reads, "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy." (Exodus 20:8). From that point on, the Sabbath was an important part of Jewish religious practice. In the Ne... Read More »

What day of the week is the jewish sabbath?

The Hebrew name for the Jewish sabbath is Shabbat. It begins at sundown on Friday night and lasts until sundown on Saturday. On the Jewish calendar this holy day is the seventh day of the week, an... Read More »

What day of the week is the sabbath for muslims?

Muslims do not have a Sabbath day, like people who practice Christianity or Judaism. Instead, Muslims observe a day of prayer on Fridays. On these days of prayer, Muslims gather to pray at their mo... Read More »

Seventh Day Adventist Rules Regarding Sabbath?

One of the fundamental beliefs of Seventh-Day Adventists is Sabbath observance in accordance with the fourth commandment. Seventh-Day Adventists believe that entering into communion with God on the... Read More »