How to Have Fun on New Year's Eve with Your Family?

Answer So you are bored on New Years? There's a party awaiting right now in your household.

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How many years it take to become a family therapist?

im not quiet sure, but you can research it on a computer.

Can I move to Australia with my family if I am 21 years old?

Since you're over 18, you would probably have to move here yourself.

Should I buy a house that murders were commited in 30 years ago..It was the whole family...?

Yeah why not..... Make sure you lock the doors at night though.... You could be NEXT!

What can you do if you're 17 years old and are in danger but have no other family but you need to emancipate yourself and you live in New York?

Answer WOW - that's a difficult question without knowing the full spectrum of the situation. What do you mean by danger? Physical danger? Emotional danger? Besides that, if you EVER feel threate... Read More »