How to Have Fun on New Year's Eve with Your Family?

Answer So you are bored on New Years? There's a party awaiting right now in your household.

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What can you do if you have a daughter in law for 30 years and she will not have enything to do with members of the family but her husband twin brother?

You are not related to any of your husband's cousins, unless you and your husband are also cousins. Then some but not all of your husband's cousins would also be your cousins, but they would be tha... Read More »

If you and your boyfriend are 14 and have been together for 4 years and you are pregnant can you move in with him if your scared your mom will send you to juvinile jail or try to hurt you?

Answer your mom won't hurt you or send you to juvinile jail trust unless your mom is crazy or something she won't hurt you. but if you are that scared don't move in with him just yet you should ta... Read More »

What do I have to do to have my husband of 11 years adopt my 13 year old daughter that has had no contact with her biological father for over 3 years?

In order to legally challenge paternity, a civil suit must be filed in Family Court. If the judge orders a DNA test, the parties will need to pay a few hundred dollars to have the test performed an... Read More »

What can you do if your ex-husband has mind-washed your children against you and you haven't talked with your son for 2 years even though you have joint custody?

I would get a better lawyer! Document the incidents of control, even better have someone witness one!==Answer==If you have joint custody, you need to get it enforced. As a parent, you need to know ... Read More »