How to Have Fun in a Landlocked Area?

Answer Have your parents or friends decided they want to go to an area in central Europe or any other landlocked area? Do you KNOW you will be bored? If so, this is the article for you

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Is the South Pole landlocked?

The South Pole is located on the continent of Antarctica, which makes it landlocked. Antarctica itself is surrounded by the Southern Ocean, at the southern confluence of the Indian, Pacific and Atl... Read More »

Is it normal to be 6 weeks pregnant and have very bad cramping and weird pressure in the vaginal area but you're not sore in the chest area?

Answer I would say that very bad cramping could be a sign of miscarriage. That's what happened to me around 5 weeks. My breasts were initially sore but within 12 hours of the miscarriage starting... Read More »

I have found Big White Flat top Mushrooms growing in my Yard ! They Have Flaky Light brown area in Center Top?

They are growing in my area too and are said to be highly poisonous. You can never tell which are OK and which are poisonous so don't ever eat any wild ones.

What might cause a toddler to have a two inch in diameter soft fluid filled area above the left ear if they have no other symptoms?

Answer Take the child to the doctor IMMEDIATELY. This cannot be diagnosed over the internet.