How to Have Fun in Your Room (Girls Only)?

Answer Are you stuck in your room on a rainy day? Want to have some girl time in your bedroom? Well, here is how!

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How to Have Fun at a Girls Sleepover With Only 1 Friend and a Small Room?

It may sound impossible to enjoy or even host a sleepover when you have a small room and 1 friend, but it is easy, and very possible. Here is how to do it.

Teenage girls: if you could have anything in your room, what would you have?

The second answerer edited her answer from 'something to suck on'.* Nope, it was definitely you.

How to Have Fun Alone in Your Bedroom (Girls Only)?

Sometimes a girl just needs to chill in her room for a day! It'll be easy if you follow these steps.

Girls only: Should I go to the emergency room?

Here is my advice so that you don't have to suffer as much: 1. Instantly start using a stool softener (one w/breakfast and one w/dinner) if you are not already using one. 2. Drink tons of water!!! ... Read More »