How to Have Fun in Las Vegas Without Gambling?

Answer When people think of Las Vegas, they automatically associate it with gambling. However, not everyone likes the environment of the casinos or even the experience of gambling. Vegas visitors have man... Read More »

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Are there clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos?

The casinos of Las Vegas do not have clocks anywhere in sight. Casino management feels that people who do not know the time, or how much of it is passing are less likely to leave and will keep play... Read More »

How to Spend Time at a Casino Without Gambling?

Check out this lobby!You told your friends or family that you didn't want to go to Las Vegas, but here you are, and you don't want to gamble. So now what do you do while they're off at the craps ta... Read More »

Did Jeremy kyle have a drinking and gambling problem whilst on the show?

Yes. Jeremy Kyle was an alcoholic and addicted gambler. He also spent time in prison for sexually molesting a donkey and he used to be a woman called Latifa.

I want to start smoking, gambling and taking drugs but have heard they may be addictive, is this true ?

Yes they are addictive. Even sex and food can be addictive. It's not the things it's the person doing them. Someone with an addictive personallity will more than likely become addicted to one and/o... Read More »