How to Have Fun in Jak III After Beating It?

Answer Have Jak 3 and have heard its a fun game but can't play it to the full extent? Not anymore.

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How to Have Fun After Beating Half Life 2?

After beating Half Life 2, the game can get boring playing it again. But, with the help of the console, you can make the game very fun.

Vomiting after severe beating.?

Take her back to the hospital, or to a local doctor. Insist that they X-Ray her and examine her properly, if they did not do this already.Give her ice cubes to suck on to try to prevent dehydration... Read More »

I can feel my heart beating very quickly after I eat. Is that normal?

It's normal, and it's the way the system works. After eating, the digestive system needs more blood, so the brain diverts blood to it from other organs, including it (the brain) itself. It also in... Read More »

Risk of smoking 6 years after beating stage two breast cancer?

Well you already have the positive attitude. Smoking can contribute to breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter. I too am a breast cancer survivor with a bi-lateral mastectomy. I lost my you... Read More »