How to Have Fun in Horrible Weather?

Answer Uh-oh! Storm's a-coming!Is the weather horrible outside and you can't do anything fun? Well you are in the right page right now to figure out how to have fun when it's either snowing, raining, wind... Read More »

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I have an iPhone 4S live on the QLD Australia when I ask Siri what the weather is locally or what the weather is is says there's no weather information?

although i hate apple i know alot bout it you just need to go into her settings and if that dosnt work change your location and put it in the weather appAsker : in her settings i can only change ho... Read More »

Horrible, HORRIBLE neck pain?

Is this pretty much the first time for the pain?Because if its a chronic pain, the the steps to take are gonna be different from acute pain.You are saying you were sick for 2 days, and woke up with... Read More »

Why does'nt the weather alert light work on my Midland weather radio?

Weather radios provide 24 hour weather coverage and alerts, but like any electronic item they can experience technical issues. Depending on the model of your Midland weather radio and your mode of ... Read More »

How horrible am i?

I don't know if narcissistic is actually right, because you don't appear to be full of self love. I think you're a product of your environment and what else could you really do but adapt to your s... Read More »