How to Have Fun at the Mall by Yourself?

Answer If you're one of those people who think that going to the mall is no fun without friends, it's time to think again. There might be times when you have to go by yourself, or a friend is late or forg... Read More »

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How would you get your parents to let you go to the mall by yourself?

Really it is any ones guess. Show them you are responsible, and that you know about safety. There is not a set way.

What is the difference between a mall and a outlet mall?

malls carry the newest itemsoutlets carry old items/or slightly damaged items and sell them for a lower price(=also,in some stores they carry items from years ago ! if you ever go to a juicy coutur... Read More »

Who loves shopping at the mall my mom thinks the mall is ridiculas?

walking around the Mall is fungetting jammed with the crowds is notwe also have a teen fight problem here at a local Mall so there is a curfew time in placeI also think the older you get .. the les... Read More »

Would you rather go to an indoor mall or an out door mall?