How to Have Fun at a School Dance?

Answer If you've ever been to a school dance, with or without a date, and have ended up just standing around the tables not having any fun at all, then just follow these few steps for a great result!

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How to Have Fun at a Middle School Dance?

All the things you need to know to have a great time at a Middle School Dance!

How to Have Fun at a High School Dance?

High School dances are all about having fun. While dressing for them is a large part, it is more about enjoying yourself. Most likely, the dance is on a Friday or Saturday, so put worries of school... Read More »

How to Convince Your Principal to Let You Have a School Dance?

Planning school dances requires a lot of time, effort, and organization, but they're tons of fun! Before you can carry out the plans, however, you have to get them approved by the staff and the pri... Read More »

Does the Wii Dance Dance Revolution 2 dance mat have a cable?

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2, released in 2008, was packaged with a cabled dance mat. Future dance mat versions were incorporated Wii's wireless technology, but sensitivity and timing is... Read More »