How to Have Fun With Your Dog?

Answer Do you feel you need to have fun with your dog? Is he/she living with the same routine? Being looked up in some cage or outside and lonely. If he/she is, then follow these steps.

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Can you move out of your house and in with a friend if your father is okay with it but your mother is not and they have joint custody but you just moved in with your father?

I would say it would depend on how old you are and possibly where you live.

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You live with your aunt and you have to share a room with your girl c and whenever she is in your room she is naked or in underwear she has sex while you try to sleep your aunt dosent belive you what?

Try to ignore it. Her behavior is her mother's and her business, not yours. We understand that this is a difficult situation for you, but continuing to complain will only make it worse. You have do... Read More »

If you have unpertected sex with your gf then break up and have sex with another girl can you get aids?

Typical reaction of someone who is young and ignorant. You can get HIV from someone else who is HIV+. That's all.