How to Have Fun With Your Address Bar on Your Browser?

Answer Want to impress your friends with some cool tricks you can do on your browser? Well, this article has some cool tricks that only require you to know how to copy and Paste!

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Where is the browser's address bar on myspace?

The Internet browser is the software you use to access the Internet, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The address bar is the white bar near the top of the browser, used for entering w... Read More »

How to Find the IP Address of the Browser in JavaScript?

The JavaScript programming language is used to create interactive websites. One of the many built-in features in JavaScript is the ability to find out the Internet protocol address of a person who ... Read More »

How to Delete a Browser's Address Bar History?

By default, Web browsers record and store your browsing history. By storing information from sites you visit, it decreases the time it takes to load them should you happen to return to them at a la... Read More »

How do I add a website icon to the browser address bar?

Use PaintCreate a simple 16x16 pixel image in Paint. Save your Paint document with a .ico file extension in the folder that contains all your website information.Use Favicon ProgramsUse a free prog... Read More »