How to Have Fun With Slime Mould?

Answer Slime MouldHey have you ever seen a big lump of yellow gooey stuff on the grass or a log in your garden, well this is called Slime Mould, you may think its only a bit of fungi but there is a lot mo... Read More »

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Getting Rid of Slime Mold?

Many gardeners have dealt with a defecation- or vomit-like substance growing on the ground of the garden or flower bed. This liquid substance is slime mold. Even though it looks nasty, it will not... Read More »

Why is there green slime in my hot tub?

=== take a glass jar of this water to the POOL CHEMICAL store and get them to tell you what to do to get the water clean and clear ..... different areas require different chemicals and remedies ..... Read More »

How to Make Slime?

Slime is always popular with the kids and the reason why is simple - it's lots of fun! It is much cheaper to make at home, and easy to do. It only requires 3 basic ingredients, which are readily av... Read More »

Homemade Slime?

No kid can resist the gooey, slippery feel of brightly colored slime between his fingers, and a handful of fresh slime will bring back childhood memories for most adults as well. You can stir up a ... Read More »