How to Have Fun With Images Using Magix FunPix Maker?

Answer Miss Essie Mae...warpedSometimes, you want to mess with images and you don't want to buy an expensive software with a huge learning curve. Magix FunPix Maker allows you to do that, easily and quick... Read More »

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Does Magix Music Maker have a compressor?

According to the instruction manual for Magix Music Maker 15 Premium---as well as a "Practical PC Online" review of Magix Music Maker 16---the program does have a compressor for use during mixing o... Read More »

How to Make 3D Images Using StereoPhoto Maker?

3D glasses for viewing your stereo photographyAll you need to make your own 3D photos is a camera and photo editing software. This tutorial will walk you through the process of making 3D images usi... Read More »

How to Download Magix Music Maker?

Magix Music Maker, a music production program for Windows systems, includes a synthesizer, drum machine and Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) support. You can even import your own live in... Read More »

Problems With Images Using Internet Explorer?

If you use several computers with different operating systems or several Internet browsers when you look at websites, you will notice that the same website can look different depending on your conf... Read More »