How to Have Fun With Family and Friends?

Answer Here is a simple article with ideas on how to have fun with your favorite people...your family and friends! If your family needs some quality time together then maybe you should do a few of these t... Read More »

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How to Annoy Your Family and Friends?

When friends and family get on your nerves, it's critical you hit them back. Harder. You can do this by annoying them in all different ways, it's easy!

Do you have many family and friends who are vego like you?

well we are Hare Krsnas.So my mother is vegetarien as well as my two sisters and my brother-in-law.My uncle has been vegan for many years,but I don't have much contact to him by now.My brother is n... Read More »

How to Take Portraits of Your Friends and Family?

Stunning image of a childAnyone can take a snapshot of someone, and most people can shoot a decent image of a person, but to give your photographs that extra quality that makes people think the pho... Read More »

Why does my family want to be my friends on Facebook?

Oooohh bad luck! They're just looking out for you, partly. They're just being nosy and think its funny to poke around in your buisness. They just like messing about and looking through your stuff, ... Read More »