How to Have Fun While Vacuuming?

Answer Vacuuming can be very boring. It is just an extra chore that you have to do. Vacuuming can also be a very fun experience. It can quickly become one of your favorite chores to do around the house.

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HELP!!! my sis had her big toenail hit while vacuuming!!!?

You need to carefully apply a bandage on the toe and secure the toenail to prevent further injury.

How to Freshen the Air in Your House While Vacuuming?

Learn to freshen up the smell of your home in just a few small steps. Smelling sweeter already

Will vacuuming up a scorpion kill it?

he is alive inside the vacuum use caution when emptying vacuumsting feels like a lit cigarette on your skin

How to Make Your Carpet Smell Fresher After Vacuuming?

Vacuuming may clean your carpets, but it doesn't always leave them feeling or smelling fresh. Here's a tip on how to lock freshness into your carpet.