How to Have Fun Watching a Movie Alone?

Answer Sometimes, because you want to, because someone has cancelled, or for a number of reasons, you find yourself watching a movie alone. How can you make sure you have fun, and not end up feeling lonel... Read More »

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When watching a movie and the audio begins to go faster than the movie but then when you watch it again it works is it the fault of the DVD or the DVD player?

A single layer would be approximately be 43GB(gigabytes) and a dual layer would be approximately 85GB.

How to Have Fun While Watching a Movie?

Have you ever thought while watching a movie "this is not as fun as watching a movie at the movie theater" well this article can help.

What movie do you plan on watching?

the new HARRY POTTER (when it comes out)THE RUNAWAYSSIGNSBREAKING DAWN (when it comes out)THE NOTEBOOK (again)TOY STORY 3STEP UP 3

How to Have Fun Watching a "So Bad It's Good" Movie?

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