How to Have Fun Getting in Shape?

Answer Getting in shape is not just for New Year's resolutions anymore. With the number of health issues related to obesity, it is very beneficial to exercise and keep a well rounded diet. But not all exe... Read More »

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What's your magic formula for getting in fabulous shape in 3 months?

No formula is magic. A sure work formula though would definitely be:-1. Set your targets - Know what are the results you want to achieve. Give yourself a realistic time-frame (Don't try to be hero)... Read More »

What is that one Japanese game where people try to match a shape without getting knocked over?

No, video games only present a simplified and often quite incorrect depiction of the motions a player actually makes when playing a sport. It is far better to be a part of a team and practise with ... Read More »

14 year old girl, needs help losing weight/getting in better shape (pictures included!) please answer(:?

Jesus Christ, what has the world come to? You're already skinny If you hadn't noticed, you should've asked how to tone your body!Eat Healthy! Order Turbo Jam, It tones your body. Gives you muscle I... Read More »

What reasons do you have for getting or not getting HDTV?

Well, the only reason why I DO have an HDTV is because someone gave me a large-screen HDTV as a gift. The television sets tend to be very costly, especially for a single person on a budget!But hone... Read More »