How to Have False Convictions Overturned in Michigan?

Answer In order to have a conviction overturned in Michigan, the sentenced party must navigate through the state's appeals process. Those convicted of a crime can either litigate their positions with an a... Read More »

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Can DUI convictions for drivers under age 21 be expunged in Michigan?

In Michigan, the zero-tolerance law states that a minor with a blood-alcohol level of more than .02 percent is driving under the influence. Not only are penalties for underage drinking and driving ... Read More »

Michigan Medicaid False Claims Act?

Medicaid is a program in the United States that provides health care for individuals and families below a certain income level. However, many have tried to take advantage of the program. In respons... Read More »

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How to Get a Case Overturned?

Loosing a trial in the U.S. can have life-altering consequences. These consequences can include financial penalties and even the loss of freedom. If you have recently lost a case, there still may b... Read More »