How to Have False Convictions Overturned in Michigan?

Answer In order to have a conviction overturned in Michigan, the sentenced party must navigate through the state's appeals process. Those convicted of a crime can either litigate their positions with an a... Read More »

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Can DUI convictions for drivers under age 21 be expunged in Michigan?

In Michigan, the zero-tolerance law states that a minor with a blood-alcohol level of more than .02 percent is driving under the influence. Not only are penalties for underage drinking and driving ... Read More »

Michigan Medicaid False Claims Act?

Medicaid is a program in the United States that provides health care for individuals and families below a certain income level. However, many have tried to take advantage of the program. In respons... Read More »

Which court in the federal system reviews the convictions of military personnel who have violated military law?

That would be the US COurt of Military Appeals. However, only convictions of Courts Martial are reviewed. and not automatically. The findings of the Court Martial must be appealed in order to be re... Read More »

Can an adoption be overturned?

The state that she surrendered her adoption in, would be the first place to look. Good luck getting this information if you're not her son, or an immediate relative. YOu said that she passed, so i'... Read More »