How to Have Email on Your At&T Cell Phone by Text?

Answer Friends email a lot but you text? Or do you have friends who have a limited texting plan and you prefer SMS? Either way, you can get the best of both worlds.

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How do I text a cell phone from an email?

Wireless Provider SuffixFind out the recipient's cell-phone provider to determine which suffix you need to send the email to. The suffixes for the major wireless-service providers are ""... Read More »

Can you email a text message to a cell phone?

You can send a text message from e-mail to someone's cell phone. First you must know the recipient's cell phone number and carrier. Some instant messenger systems, such as Yahoo, automatically conf... Read More »

How to Send Text Through Email on Verizon Cell Phone?

If you have a data plan on your Verizon phone, but you do not want a text messaging plan, you still have a way to send text messages to people. By using an email account that is synced to your phon... Read More »

How can I intercept my husbands cell phone calls and text messages from his cell phone?

Go first to a relationship counselor, because your issue is not whether or not he's talking to someone else, it's that you don't trust him. Your relationship is in trouble whether or not he's cheat... Read More »