How to Have Creative Shoe Storage?

Answer Running out of space for all those shoes? Why not get creative and stuff them where they won't be in the way but will still be accessible when you need them?

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Porch With Coats and Shoe Storage Ideas?

Cluttered porches wreak havoc on nerves and give the impression that the interior of the house is also untidy. Some storage options for porches include bins, benches, lockers, shoe racks, cabinets ... Read More »

Creative DIY Garage Storage Ideas?

While the items you store in your garage may not take up any living space, they often infringe on work space or car storage space. An unreasonable amount of usual storage items quickly make a garag... Read More »

Is the Nike Dayfly a walking shoe or a running shoe?

The Nike Dayfly is not a specialized shoe. It is an exercise shoe, but it is not specific to running or or walking. The Dayfly is simply a women's sneaker, designed to be versatile for any exercise... Read More »

What does hard drive RPM matter I understand storage capacity (GB) and storage/transfer rate (bps) But RPM?

The faster the RPM's the fasterthe heads cover the actual area of the HDD storage space. That is what seeking is.The heads must find the address of a file before is can be transfered or more data... Read More »