How to Have Better Luck with Getting Dates?

Answer Have you ever had bad luck when it comes to getting dates? Here are some methods that you can use to get dates and have better luck. Using these pointers should give you better luck.

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How to Make a Dates and Pistachios Rollada (Rolled Dates With Pistachios)?

A delicious Moroccan desert to serve with fresh mint tea, keep in the fridge and cut slices to serve on a plate when you have guests, yummy...

Need to pee, wish me luck :)?

i didnt read your question until you had updated it but i would just love to say congratulations!!! and good luck!!! I am 15dpo, have had light bleeding through the week, feeling dizzy if i stand u... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Bad Luck?

Smashed A Mirror? Walked under a ladder or not saluted that magpie? Not to worry! If you're a superstitious person or if you just don't want to take the risk, this page is for you.

How do i get rid of bad luck?

I just finished this same problem. I prayed everyday and asked God to have mercy on me, I knew I was being punished for some things I did in the past but I asked for forgiveness and prayed and than... Read More »