How to Have Babies Outside an Islamic Marriage?

Answer Single Muslim mothers face the double challenge of single parenting and a stigma that is cultural and religious. Islamic source texts forbid sex outside of marriage and Muslim fathers have duties t... Read More »

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Why was it bad to have a baby outside marriage?

In today society it is morally wrong to have a child when not married, however this doesn't make it wrong to have given birth it just isn't socially acceptable to have one. But to answer your quest... Read More »

Information on Islamic Marriage?

According to Islamic law, all Muslims should marry. Men are placed above women, with more authority, but are expected to take care of their wives. Muslim men are permitted up to four wives if they... Read More »

Difference Between Catholic & Islamic Marriage?

Muslims and Catholics view marriage in contractual, practical, and spiritual terms, but stark differences exist in the details of these views. Catholics view marriage as a sacrament that requires m... Read More »

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