How to Hatch Peachicks in an Incubator?

Answer Peahens, which usually lay two to six eggs a year, generally sit on their nests for 28 days and leave the nest only once a day to take care of personal needs. If hatching the eggs of a peahen in an... Read More »

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How to Use an Incubator to Hatch Eggs?

You can hatch eggs even if you have no hens by using an incubator. Incubators attempt to reproduce the conditions fertile eggs experience under a brooding hen, including appropriate temperature, hu... Read More »

How to Hatch Turkey Eggs in an Incubator?

Turkey egg.If the eggs under your turkey hen(s) aren't hatching well, you can move them into an incubator for better hatching success. Since turkey eggs have different needs than chicken eggs, here... Read More »

How to Hatch a Chicken Egg in a Still Air Incubator?

Success in hatching chickens using a still air incubator depends primarily on attention to detail. The eggs require careful monitoring and handling several times daily during the incubation process... Read More »

What is the temperature of an incubator to hatch chicks?

The temperature requirements of an incubator are uniform to almost all bird species. This allows a person to incubate a batch of eggs of varying species in the same incubator. If the incubator uses... Read More »