How to Harvest a Periwinkle Vinca Major?

Answer Bigleaf periwinkle, also called vinca major, derives its name from its large leaves. Each leaf is about the size of a half dollar, glossy green and heart-shaped. Though slightly invasive in the sou... Read More »

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Vinca Vs. Annual Periwinkle?

The names vinca and periwinkle apply both to an evergreen ground cover and to an annual flower, so it's important to know the differences between the two plants if you want success in your garden. ... Read More »

Is there a drug made from Vinca minor or the periwinkle plant?

Periwinkle, or Vinca minor, has been used historically for several medical purposes. Periwinkle is a known astringent, and has also been used to treat minor cuts or insects bites, menstrual flow an... Read More »

Uses of Vinca Major?

Vinca major or large leaf periwinkle is a rapidly growing, evergreen ground cover that forms a dense mat. The plant has oval, dark green foliage and blooms with funnel-shaped, 1 to 2 inch blue flow... Read More »

How to Plant Vinca Major?

Vinca major--also called bigleaf periwinkle--is a fast-growing perennial vine that features heart-shaped evergreen leaves and violet flowers that bloom from April to June. It is often confused wit... Read More »