How to Harvest Red Leafy Lettuce?

Answer Gardeners who select red leaf lettuce have an advantage because many red leaf varieties are more resistant to bolting. Bolting often occurs in lettuce plants when the soil becomes too warm or dry, ... Read More »

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Lettuce poll: what's your favorite leafy green?

How to Harvest Lettuce Seeds?

Harvesting lettuce seeds actually begins in the spring, when seed is planted. Choose the best varieties available, then plant enough for your table and for the harvesting and saving of seeds. Prote... Read More »

My 4 yr old son eats mostly vegetables especially lettuce at lunch and dinner and his abdomen is distended as though he is suffering from malnutrition do vegetable especially lettuce cause this?

looks like it could be a build up of gas - perhaps aome expert advice/check is required just to check that all is OK.

Types of Leafy Houseplants♥?

I love the Bamboo Palm & Parlor Palm :)… (Non-Toxic)…… Please be caref... Read More »