How to Harvest Linden Tea?

Answer The fragrant, soft white flowers of the linden tree are used to make a flavorful herbal tea. The blossoms form in small clusters and reach a harvestable stage at the same time. The European linden ... Read More »

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Linden Tree Facts?

Linden trees, also known as bee trees and basswood trees, are large trees that grow in four-season climates all over the world. These trees can reach 80 feet in height and have a 40-foot spread. S... Read More »

Linden Tree Varieties?

Linden tree (Tilia) is a popular urban landscape tree and referred to as lime tree and basswood tree. The tree is hardy and is favored for its tolerance of alkalinity and high resistance to common ... Read More »

How is the linden seed dispersed?

They are usually dispersed by the wind.

Who manufactures Linden Clocks?

Linden Clocks are currently manufactured by Alliance Time, a private company specializing in jewelry and watches. The brand was acquired by the New York City-based firm in 2009, when it also acquir... Read More »