How to Harvest French Angora Wool?

Answer Some of the largest Angora breeds of rabbits, which are bred both for their thick wool and their succulent meat, French Angoras can reach up to 10 pounds in body weight. Because Angora rabbits are ... Read More »

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How to Identify an Angora Cat?

Angora cats are identifiable by certain physical traits. If you want to buy an Angora cat breed and want it to be a purebred, you need to understand the identifying traits to make sure you are gett... Read More »

How to Card Angora Fiber?

Carded angora fiber.If you have angora fiber that you'd like to make use of, here is a quick demonstration of how to hand card it yourself.

How to Make Angora Unfuzzy?

The soft, fuzzy feel of an angora sweater is a luxurious way to keep warm. The fibers are gently woven into wool that unfortunately has a tendency to shed all over anything dark. Part of the sweate... Read More »

How to Sell Angora Rabbit Fur?

The angora rabbit is a beautiful, sweet-natured animal with a soft coat. Angora rabbit wool has been used for everything from scarves to sweaters and for centuries has been a prized material in the... Read More »