How to Harness a Horse?

Answer Carriages and horses can be seen all over the world, both in the country and in the cities. Knowing how to harness a horse can be a profitable business for a horse owner. You could give hay rides a... Read More »

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How to Harness a Horse With Equipment?

Harnessing a horse with equipment or tack can be one of the more difficult procedures to accomplish. But with a good and patient horse, a willing assistant and the correct harnessing methods, you c... Read More »

How to Make a Complete Harness for a Horse Out of Rope?

The care and proper enjoyment of horses requires specific equipment. Horse owners and trainers must harness a horse to control it. Unfortunately, a harness may not always be close at hand and, inev... Read More »

What is the basic harness item used to move a horse?

The basic harness or tack item used to move a horse is called a halter. In the UK, halters are called headcollars or headstalls. Ropes or lines can be attached to the halter in order to help move t... Read More »

What is the basic harness item you should use to move your horse from one place to another?

The bridle is the most basic piece of harness equipment used to move a horse from one area to another. The bit and reins on the bridle enable the handler to have control of the horse while moving t... Read More »