How to Hardsub on Quicktime Player on Mac?

Answer Hello, Ask Apple here for free 1-800-MY-Apple ,and check out the sites for more informaton and… ... Read More »

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How do I install QuickTime Player 3?

Download QuickTime Player 3.0Download QuickTime Player 3.0. After the download finishes, go to the location on your hard drive where you saved the download, and double-click on the file labeled “... Read More »

How to Install QuickTime Player 6.5?

In April of 2005, Apple released QuickTime Player 7 as part of the new Mac OS X 10.4 operating system, superseding QuickTime Player 6.5. If you need to use QuickTime Player 6.5 because of system r... Read More »

How to Embed a QuickTime Player in a Web Page?

If you have a .MOV file that you want to share, you can create a space for the file within the template of your Web page by embedding the QuickTime player in your page. Embedding a QuickTime player... Read More »

How to Rotate a Video in QuickTime Player?

Rotating a video in Apple QuickTime Player requires viewing and rotating a movie's properties within the program. However, because the standard QuickTime Player does not support viewing a movie's p... Read More »