How to Hang a Heavy Mirror?

Answer Large mirrors can make a lovely addition to any room in your home. The additional weight of large mirrors requires a bit more time and care than hanging a photograph or print. If you plan on adding... Read More »

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How do I hang a heavy mirror on a wall?

Position Mirror and Mark the WallPosition the mirror on the wall, and mark the wall with a chalk pencil at the top of the frame. Remove the mirror. Measure from the top of the mirror down to it's h... Read More »

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror on a Door?

Hanging a heavy mirror onto a door is more difficult than hanging a lighter mirror. Most doors are hollow-core, which makes it much harder to hang heavy objects. Fortunately, most hardware stores s... Read More »

How do I hang a large heavy mirror?

Use a Stud FinderLocate studs with a stud finder, and mark the location on the wall. Lie your hanger flat on the wall and insert the nail. Using a hammer, hammer the nail into the hanger. This is t... Read More »

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror on a Plaster Wall?

Many older homes have plaster walls instead of wallboard. This becomes an issue when trying to hang a heavy object, like a framed mirror. Plaster is applied over lath, a series of thin boards, whic... Read More »