How to Hang Out with Cool People?

Answer Who you hang out with is a major deal in some aspects. Friends can be one of the biggest highlights of your life!

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How to Be Able to Hang out With All the Cool Kids?

Is it impossible for you to fit into that one group of kids who are just so cool? Well, after this you will be one of those kids!

Justin Bieber HATERS only: Do you think he's a cool person to hang out with?

I don't understand why people hate him. None of you even know him, therefore you can't judge him right. Yes, his voice is high. But it's getting a lot deeper than it was before. This is his dream, ... Read More »

How to Get People to Hang Out with You?

When you are looking to make friends to hang out with, it may be difficult, especially if you are new in the area. People are not just going to walk over to have to go where the people are.

How to Hang Out with Popular People?

Ever wanted to hang out with the populars? It might seem impossible, but follow these simple steps and soon you'll be the most popular girl or guy at school.