How to Hang Drape Rods?

Answer Hanging drapes will add beauty and warmth in any dull room. Hanging the rod correctly will result in not having to worry about dogs or children pulling on the drapes, causing them to fall along wi... Read More »

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How to Hang Tapestry With Rods?

Tapestries are textile art usually woven from linen, cotton or silk threads. They are often used to decorate walls in homes and businesses. Tapestries should be hung in a way that does not damage t... Read More »

How high do you hang closet rods?

Although there are no standard heights for regular closet rods, hang adjustable-height closet rods you can reach when standing or seated. Hang double closet rods at 81 3/4 inches and 40 1/2 inches.... Read More »

How to Measure to Hang Drapery Rods?

Measuring a window for a drapery rod takes little time, though it's important to do it correctly. Otherwise, your drapery won't hang properly. Make sure you measure each spot at least twice to che... Read More »

How do I hang wooden curtain rods?

Measure From the Window FrameUsing a steel tape measure, measure 2 to 4 inches on each side of the outer edge of the window frame and again above the frame at the top of the window. Installing the ... Read More »