How to Handle the Situation if You Get Lost from Your Parents?

Answer You're a minor, and you're either at a really isolated place for vacation or fun, or you are at a crowded mall or street. Suddenly, you lose track of your parent who was with you a minute ago. What... Read More »

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Not a real situation but if your girlfriend is going to have a baby how would you tell your parents and would they be really mad or just a little mad my parents arnt strict but please give an anserr?

if you are a minor, and still in school, and living at home, yeah id say your parents would be p!ssed on a level you have never even thought of.** The only way to tell them is- to tell them straigh... Read More »

If your car has been totaled what are your options while waiting for the other drivers insurance company to handle the situation?

Answer you can go ahead and contact the other drivers insurance company and determine the status of the claim.

APs through foster care: how do you handle your anger at your child's first parents?

Hey Kazi.Be honest. Validate the child's feelings and feel free to express your feelings appropiately.For example in response to your child: "You bio-father hurt you really bad and for that I am ... Read More »

How to Handle an Emergency Situation?

In many emergency situations, timing could be the key to saving someone's life. But it is extremely important to know what to do in these situations, and to do it quickly.