How to Handle a College Level Course (Non AP) As a High Schooler?

Answer Occasionally, it does happen. As a high schooler, you sign up for a summer course at a university, thinking it's high school level and not college level. Once you get there, you realize suddenly th... Read More »

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What college classes can I take as a high schooler?

In order to prepare for college while in high school, students can take honors or AP college level classes in English, Math, Science and History. Students must meet certain performance requirements... Read More »

What is a far home run for a high schooler?

Incredibly, some high school players have hit home runs that traveled more than 500 feet. There are eight members of the "500 Foot Club" of the High School Home Run Derby. A 400-foot home run is a ... Read More »

Organizational Skills for a High-Schooler With ADD?

Learning how to be organized can be a challenge for anyone, particularly for individuals who are not organized or who do not naturally have a high desire for structure. This challenge is exacerbate... Read More »

How to Be a Nice High Schooler on Club Penguin?

Be a nice person in high school or college - you'll get lots of friends out of it too.