How to Handle a Car Salesman?

Answer Once you have selected the make and model of car you want to buy, you've decided how much you're willing to pay for it, and you've made your first choice of a dealer, the process becomes a mind gam... Read More »

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How do salesman handle objections?

Repeat the persons objection back to them in a question form so that they here you hearing them. Then overcome objections one at a time

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The Duties of a Salesman?

Without the salesman, producers of products and services wouldn't make as much money. These workers spend their day on the job trying to convince consumers to buy merchandise or services in a varie... Read More »

How to Be a Good Car Salesman?

Being a great car salesperson depends on 2 main things - Personality and Process. The personality has already been spotted by your sales manager which is why you were offered the position. This art... Read More »