How to Handle Your Receiving Line Like a Pro?

Answer The receiving line is a long-running tradition in which the couple and specific members of their families greet guests. It’s a simple way to transition the mood from ceremony to reception and mak... Read More »

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Why am I receiving text messages from my land line phone?

You can not text from a house phone. You need take your cell phone to AT&T and make sure someone did not put unauthorized programs on your phone.

What can a t1 line handle?

T1 lines are a type of leased line Internet connection designed to be used by businesses. The line consists of 24 channels, each of which supports 64 Kbits of data per second. Combined, this adds u... Read More »

If you are receiving unemployment benefits and then start receiving Social Security Disability Benefits can you still collect unemployment?

The reasoning behind the Disability Benefits program, is to grant a monthly check to those people who are "no longer able" to perform the duties required to hold their job, or work due to some medi... Read More »

How much is a pistol with secret service 44 cal on barrel 1914 date on handle on side of handle worth today?