How to Handle Your Receiving Line Like a Pro?

Answer The receiving line is a long-running tradition in which the couple and specific members of their families greet guests. It’s a simple way to transition the mood from ceremony to reception and mak... Read More »

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Why am I receiving text messages from my land line phone?

You can not text from a house phone. You need take your cell phone to AT&T and make sure someone did not put unauthorized programs on your phone.

What can a t1 line handle?

T1 lines are a type of leased line Internet connection designed to be used by businesses. The line consists of 24 channels, each of which supports 64 Kbits of data per second. Combined, this adds u... Read More »

I have a Verizon phone line for work and would like to some link it to my AT&T iPhone with my personal line.?

Well, some of the words are in English, but the grammar is not. I'm guessing you want to call forward your land phone to your cell phone. It's done either through your phone system, or the telco ... Read More »

When you are pregnant why is there a line that across your stomach like a band?

Answer I have had that happen twice and both times miscarried.