How to Handle Your Friends when You Join a More Fun Group?

Answer Do find yourself feeling restless, while your old friends seem boring and are complaining all the time? Have you found yourself a group of friends who are much more fun? When you shift allegiances,... Read More »

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If I make a facebook group, will all my friends on my friends list know that I am the creator of the group?

yes, they can see who the admin of the group is - you cant hide that

How do you find a common interest group to join that offers group health insurance?

Answer It's illegal to join a group only/primarily just for health insurance. Sure there are Alumni Groups that may offer it... but the pricing reflects who in the group is actually buying it. Ch... Read More »

I join a group and now I can't get out?

You're not supposed to regret doing anything on the internet or Facebook. This shocks me.

How to Handle Having Friends Who Don't Like Each Other?

Ever had friends who did not get along with each other? If so, this article will help you improve this situation.