How to Handle Water Kefir Slime?

Answer Water kefir is one of the most nutritious drinks that can be produced right at home. Using the age-old process of fermenting, lactic acid is produced to create a water chock full of nutrients. A ca... Read More »

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How to Handle Frozen Water Pipes?

Extremely low temperatures during a cold winter can cause a headache when it comes to the water in your pipes. If your water pipes freeze over, you have limited time to react before they burst, so ... Read More »

How to Fix a Broken Plastic Water Valve Handle?

Replacing a water valve handle, especially the cheaper, plastic models, is a relatively simple task that most do-it-yourself plumbers can perform. You can avoid calling a certified plumber and prev... Read More »

What is kefir grain?

Kefir grain is the substance added to milk to create the fermented drink known as Kefir. The grains are usually white or yellowish, gelatinous, and clumped to resemble cauliflower.CompositionKefir ... Read More »

How to Cook With Kefir?

Cooking with Kefir is an excellent way to reduce fat and add protein to your diet. Kefir, often called "the cousin of yogurt," is a fermented dairy product that contains probiotics and aids in dige... Read More »