How to Handle Wasp Nests?

Answer Wasps benefit society by controlling insect populations. However, they pose a health threat when they invade human spaces. Approximately 100 people die each year from wasp stings and many more suff... Read More »

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Why do raccoons eat wasp nests?

Raccoons eat wasp nests because bees, particularly yellow jackets, will bring meat to their nests. The raccoon smells the meat and eats it along with anything else it finds in the nest.References:C... Read More »

Do birds reuse nests?

Some species of birds do reuse previous year's nests, while others do not. Osprey and eagles, for example, reuse nests, even adding onto them each year. Doves however, make a new nest each year. So... Read More »

How to Make Chocolate Nests?

Using shredded wheat cereal to create a nest makes for an easy project that even the kids will enjoy making. The final nest shape makes this a perfect table topper for parties. Add some small Easte... Read More »

How to Kill Hornets & Nests?

Hornets are an invasive nuisance when they nest around high-traffic areas. When hornets feel that their nest is threatened, they will react by swarming and stinging. If you discover a nest in an ar... Read More »