How to Handle Unexpected Baby Hamsters?

Answer Breeding hamsters is best left to the professional breeders, because expert handling is needed to choose the right time for mating, and to prevent the male from being attacked and hurt by the femal... Read More »

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Gerbils Vs. Hamsters: Which Is Easier to Handle?

When deciding which type of pet is right for you, there are many factors to consider. Not all small animals have the same type of temperament, and when choosing between similar types of pets, such ... Read More »

If you already have baby hamsters and they are only 3 weeks and then somehow you have more what should you do?

There are many possibilities, you can give some to friends or acquaintances, you can sell them on ebay, you can give them to the animal shelter, and many more.

How to Find Homes for Baby Hamsters?

Do you want to find a home for your baby hamsters?

How soon can I touch baby dwarf hamsters?

It is important that baby dwarf hamsters are left alone for at least 10 days after birth. Touching them changes their scent, which may result in the mother rejecting them (or even eating them). Aft... Read More »