How to Handle Someone With Autism?

Answer Is there a person that's all alone, sad, lonely, doesn't know what to do, doesn't know where to go? Do they have Autism? If they do, do you feel uncomfortable around them? Don't be. They are normal... Read More »

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How to Be a Very Great Friend to Someone With Autism?

Help put the pieces together.Is there a kid in your classroom who is always alone? Does he have Autism? Do you care if you get made fun of because you are friends with this guy? One word: Don't. Pe... Read More »

How to Live in a College Dorm With Someone Who Has a Asperger's Syndrome or High Functioning Autism?

Living with someone with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder can be hard. Find out if you have the patience to do it before you 'jump in'.

How to Handle an Autism Meltdown?

An autism meltdown can be a nightmare for parents. You can't predict your autistic child's behavior. One moment he is perfectly content and the next he turns into a screaming monster. He no longer ... Read More »

Sorry i have to ask this But ..... Someone emailed me about Autism?

The person who e-mailed you is discourteous and inconsiderate. They know NOTHING about your family. You're looking at Autism in a way the mother of a child with Autism should. *Hopefully*. You're t... Read More »