How to Handle Social Events With Employees?

Answer A social event with employees can be a great opportunity for peers and colleagues to get to know one another and strengthen relationships. The typical office setting does not usually provide opport... Read More »

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How to Handle an Office Romance Between Two Employees?

It's not unusual for sparks to occasionally fly between coworkers in an office, but an interoffice romance can be distracting and potentially disruptive in the workplace. Know how to handle an offi... Read More »

How to Be a Good Usher at Social Events?

Galas, theater shows, festivals and wedding ceremonies often use ushers to help keep the affairs running smoothly. Both volunteer and paid ushers use important management skills, including a polite... Read More »

Do government employees pay Social Security?

Federal employees covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System pay Social Security taxes, while those under the Civil Service Retirement System do not. Some state and local employees also do ... Read More »

Government Employees & Social Security?

The Social Security program excluded government employees when it began in January 1937. State, county and local employees acquired the option to join Social Security in 1951. Mandatory Social Sec... Read More »