How to Handle Small Claims Cases?

Answer If you have a small legal dispute, like a claim for back rent or breach of a contract, small claims court can help you to get compensation without the complex hassle involved in a larger case. If a... Read More »

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What Cases Are Heard in Small Claims Court?

A small claims court is an informal court, with limited jurisdiction, where certain types of cases can be heard. An individual over 18 years of age may sue without a lawyer, for a certain amount of... Read More »

What is the time filing limit for small claims cases in California?

The amount of time you can file a claim in California depends on the type of small claim you are filing. If you are suing the government, it's six months. For personal injury or the breaking of an ... Read More »

Who decides extending claims period time for home damage in large hail storms currently 1 year but not enough time for contractors to handle all potential claims?

That depends. If the renter has their own flood insurance then the renter could certainly file a claim on it they have a flood loss. If your asking can the renter file a claim on the Property owne... Read More »

A row of cases is 6 cases high and 7 cases long one of the stacks has only 5 cases in it how many cases are in the row?