How to Handle Sales Objections?

Answer Overcoming sales objections is key to securing new accounts and boosting sales numbers. Sales people in all sales-oriented industries must know how to deal with objections about cost, implementatio... Read More »

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How do salesman handle objections?

Repeat the persons objection back to them in a question form so that they here you hearing them. Then overcome objections one at a time

Typical Objections in Sales Presentations?

Even successful sales presentations encounter resistance. There are always objections to overcome in convincing the customer to purchase your product or enjoy your service. Often, potential custome... Read More »

Closing Techniques for Overcoming Objections & Sales Rebuttals?

Oftentimes the most difficult part of a salesperson's job is overcoming a customer's objections, and offering rebuttals that come across as valid and sincere. The last thing you want to do is argue... Read More »

How to Handle Sales Associates During the Holidays?

Holiday seasons always bring about anxiety for shoppers and workers alike. In this article, I will explain how to handle stressed out sales associates during the busiest time of the year.