How to Handle Powers When Adding?

Answer The term "powers" in reference to numbers or variables is another way of saying exponents. Raising a value to a power means multiplying that value times itself a certain number of times. When you a... Read More »

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When you are asked when adding a new programme, do you 'run' or 'save'?

Always save it first and then put it on disc. You will always have it then. If you lose it for whatever reason you don't have search for it.Also a lot of small handy programs I have got going back ... Read More »

How do you become a mermaid with powers when you touch water?

What to do when adding a T1 line?

Both routers need to be on the same network segment as the servers, then use the routers LAN interface as the default gateway for the servers, point the Citrix server to the T1 router and others to... Read More »

Directions to Regroup When Adding?

When children first learn to add, they are taught to add the digits in each place value at a time: first the ones, then tens, then hundreds. This process is simple as long as the sum of the digits ... Read More »