How to Handle Poking Wires on Braces?

Answer Ouch! Braces are supposed to make that crooked smile into a perfect one, but sometimes, the wire pokes out in the back, and irritates or breaks the skin inside your cheek! And what if you are unabl... Read More »

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I just got my braces on and the metla rings in the back keep poking at my cheek. are they suppose to?

That's fine put some wax on it and it will feel better. Or u will just get used to it

Two weeks of braces and wires come off?

Why are asking random people when u have an orthodontist for this reason

My braces hurt so bad but only my spacers and braketts are on not my wires yet what do i do help im in pain!?

Take some painkillers, put some wax on the brackets if you have any or spread some oral numbing creams on your lips so they stop hurting.To be honest, as long as I kept taking painkillers, the wors... Read More »

Im getting the wires for my braces tomorrow and few hours later cavity fillings will the fillings hurt...?

The cavity filling generally doesn't hurt any and the braces and the filling probably won't have any effect on each other. You probably have spacers so it's not uncommon for a tooth to get a bit lo... Read More »