How to Handle Pastry?

Answer Good pastry requires good handling and knowledge of some basic but crucial facts about pastry. This article will help you to better understand why recipes ask you to handle pastry in certain ways.

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How to Handle Fillo Pastry (Phyllo Dough)?

Phyllo pastry (also known as "filo", "phyllo" pastry or dough) is a delicate pastry used primarily in Middle Eastern and Balkan baking. It is important to know how to handle it carefully because it... Read More »

What is the difference between short crust pastry, and puff pastry, and which is better for making a pie?

Shortcrust pastry is used as a pie crust. It does not puff up during baking. These are very easy to make at home but sometimes requires a little practice to roll out nicely. think chilled!! butte... Read More »

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How to Cut Pastry Dough?

Baking pies, cookies and specialty treats can be quite satisfying almost any time of year. You can use the dough with standard cookie cutters for shaping, or you can cut it into strips, squares, ci... Read More »